Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Republican Humor

The really funny thing is this T shirt, which calls for the lynching of journalists, is being sold to help promote a new hate site, by Michelle Malkin, called, no joke, "Hot Air."

Um, isn't sweet Michelle a journalist, herself? And one with a long and ugly record of lies, bias, and mean-spirited ranting, besides? My, what is it about wingnuts that make them such hypocrites? George Bush went AWOL, so they challanged Kerry's war record. They invented shrill, so now they flip out whenever some democrats get shrill. They wave the Bible around, but only to whack people over the head with it, and not to make their lives better. And now Michelle Malkin, perhaps the most slanted and dishonest psudeo-journalist ever to pick up a pen, is leading a crusade against her own kind. How moral. How funny. How Republican.

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