Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom who?

DeLay won’t seek re-election: Ex-House majority leader tells MSNBC that he won't seek return to post

Why not? According to the GOP, there are two spins:

The first, is that he is not sure he can win and is stepping down for the "good of the party." The sweet, sweet irony though, is that Delay's district was customized specifically for him -- Delay carved up Texas districts to create perpetual GOP majorities, and took his district because he thought he was so damn popular that he could withstand its relatively higher proportion of Democrats.

The second spin is that Tom has to resign because the Democrats are so nasty. Tom was never nasty (who called him "The Hammer", anyway?) He's a Christian gentleman, who's only sin was that he loved Jesus, too much. Oh, and he's innocent, too. The timing of his decision not to run after another staff member agreed to cooperate with the Abramoff investigation is purely coincidental.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to lie:
He has served our nation with integrity and honor,” [Majority Leader John] Boehner said.
Has everyone forgotten that DeLay is a corrupt thief? I guess so. That's why DeLay is serving as poster boy for the War Against Christians. I guess lying, scheming, and money laundering is more Christian than I thought.

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