Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Leaders of Tomorrow

I'm putting together a group of people to go and picket outside the Hilel House at the Georgia Institute of Technology. According to my sources, their president, Orit Sklar, runs Hillel House board meetings which celebrate and encourage the near-naked lifestyle. Also, the House once welcomed a Playboy Bunny (Feb 2003) to give a presentation and sign autographs. My Jewish faith compels me to speak out against such things. We're going to yell and scream and carry angry signs. We may even do some stomping. Who wants to come with?

Why am I giving Orit such a hard time? Only because this devout and sensitive soul is currently suing the Georgia Institute of Technology for the right to be intolerant. You see, the school bans anti-gay speech and oppressed Orit says speaking out against homosexuals is compelled by her religion. She says that the College's tolerance rules, which prevent her from putting down gays, have caused her to suffer. In fact, in the complaint, she says she "continue[s] to suffer, irreparable injury which cannot be fully compensated by an award of money damages." That's right. Suffering. All because she can't insult homosexuals. As God commanded.

And you know what, I hope she wins the right to be intolerant because she and her near-naked board members are next. If she wins the right to insult gays, I win the right to insult people who appear in public with their arms uncovered, or who drive on shabbos, or sleep with their boyfriends outside of marriage. Sauce for the goose, baby.

PS - The other best part about this frivilous law-suit is Orit's co-plantiff is Ruth Malhotra, a conservative, southern, christian. Can't we see where this is going? Once Ruth wins the right to tell the gays that they are going to hell, or whatever, who do you think she'll turn on next? The blacks, I suppose. Maybe the Asians. But sooner or later the Jews will have their turn, just like always.

[Hat-tip: Mis-nagid]

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