Thursday, April 20, 2006

My mad little suggestion

Your attention please, all harried housewives (and the men who love them.)

Instead of flipping your house tonight, amid the bustle that accompanies the end of any Yom Tov, why not leave your kitchens kosher for Pesach until Sunday? On Sunday, your family will be relaxed and calm and the kids currently sleeping will be able to help with the scrubbing and the lugging. Yes, accepting my idea means eating matzoh over Shabbos, but so what? How much matzoh are we talking about? Two cheekfuls? And trust me: your bloated stomach won't mind at all if you wait a few more days before returning to noodles, cake, and fried foods.

In fact, the only thing more perplexing than people who rush for bread the moment Pesach ends, are the people who moan and groan about matzoh for 8 days and nights. Aside from being healthier than store bought bread, matzoh just isn't that awful. We nibble on it quite happily.

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