Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No Justice! No Peace!

"A routine traffic stop of a 75-year-old Hasidic driver in Brooklyn escalated into a protest last night by hundreds of Orthodox Jews, who surrounded a police station house, chanted 'No justice no peace,' lighted bonfires and set a police car afire."

Ah, I love a good protest. And is sounds like this was one for the ages. Bonfires, stone-throwing, smoldering police cars... why go to Paris this spring? Who needs Ramallah? The spirit of dissent and struggle is alive and well in the heart of Boro Park.

[Note for the slow: I think the rioters are punks. I think the men who interfered in lawful police business by jumping the cops are deranged. Boro Park isn't occupied territory. The police aren't Greeks, and they weren't seeking to impose anti-Jewish legislation. The protesters weren't acting in the spirit of Judah Macabee. They were acting in the spirit of Palestenian street mobs, only without even the pretence of a legitimate greivance.]

PS: "No justice no peace" is my very favorite chant after "No Roger, no Rerun, no rent," and "Two World Wars and One World Cup (doo dah, doo dah)"

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