Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why do Zalmies hate Aaronies?

A Zalmie, is a Satmar Hassid who thinks the deceased Rebbe's third son, Zalman Leib, should be the next Rebbe. Aharonies support Aharon, the first son. The two sides don't like each other very much, and here's why:

Ostensibly, the split between the Aharonis and the Zalmanis is ideological.

Zalmanis accuse Aharon of straying from the strict anti Zionist Satmar ideology set down by their founder, Rabbi Yoel Moshe Teitelbaum. Aharon married the Viznitz Rebbe's daughter, who learned at the Hebrew-speaking Beit Ya'acov School for girls. Satmar refrain from conversing in Hebrew, the holy language, in protest against Zionism. They strongly oppose Beit Ya'acov schools that teach in Hebrew.

"Aharon is not fit to be the next Satmar rebbe because he broke the Satmar rule against speaking Hebrew in the home," said Der Yid's Weiss, who spoke to The Jerusalem Post in fluent Hebrew. "After the death of our rebbe we will continue to wave the anti-Zionist flag. That is one of our main goals."


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