Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boycot Borough Park!

One of the Orthomom Olam thinks we should stay out of Boro Park:

...I think there should be a general boycott of all of Boro Park until the culprits are caught and punished and the leadership, political AND Rabbinic, apologizes to the Police and Jews everywhere. We CAN live without Boro Park.


Right on Dag! I mean, I don't think a boycott is the way to go, but I understand your frustaration.

Like you, I'm tired of Charedi Jews playing the victim card. I'm tired of them preaching personal responsibility but refusing to accept any blame, and tired of the myth that their values are batter than ours, and that their kids are better behaved then ours. (Do Modern Orthodox Jews attack cops and riot in the streets?)

Yesterday, I even heard someone say, with a straight face, that the police would have looked the other way had it been a white Christian who refused to cooperate with a routine traffic stop. And the conspiracy theorists are still getting yardage out of the chief's use of profanity has, as if the man stood outside a shul and told his brute squad to "get the ****ing Jews out."

Have we forgotten that the Jews he spoke about weren't at prayer or study? They were burning police cars! They were laying seige to a police precient! And the commander who wanted those hooligans off the street is an "anti-Semite?" Please. Can we lose the holocaust complex? Every nacht is not kristelnacht. Hitler is dead

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