Thursday, April 27, 2006

O'Reilly the big bad bully

Bill O'Reilly on Swiftboating?: "For a number of years, some media people have been using personal attacks and smears to try to marginalize people with whom they disagree. They do thisbecause they can't win the debate. So they try to demean and demoralize their opposition."

Whoops, no. Actually, Bill is talking about the media. The liberal, secular media to be precise. Seems like they've been giving the falafal king a hard time. His outrage du jour stems from the case of an Ohio judge who gave gave probation and house arrest instead of prison to a man convicted of repeatedly raping two boys. Bill screamed for the judge to be removed, and really went on the war path when the Dayton Daily News reminded their readers that even if the sentance was rediculous, the judge deserved the same sort of due process that Bill O'Reilly relied upon when he was sued for sexual harassment. Apparently, mentioning Bill's sordid past is not allowed, and Bill responded, like the Christian gentleman he is, by calling the paper "friendly to child rapists."

As the paper explained: "Here's what's really happening: Mr. O'Reilly is upset with the newspaper because in an editorial we referred to his own recent legal history in which he was accused of sexual harassment. His producer threatened that unless we published an apology they would resort to their "bully pulpit." That's what they've done. This isn't about being "soft" on child molesters. It's about Bill O'Reilly getting even."

If that kind of disgusting behavior is the opposite of liberal and secular, I'll stick with liberal and secular, thanks.

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