Friday, April 07, 2006

News from the war front

Don Feder, at Human Events on Line, writes today that "The war on Christians is real." What's the proof? Well, his examples of persecution include the futuristic Christians bad guys in V for Vendetta and a law in California which says you can't fire transexuals. In fact, most of his examples of suffering and oppression boil down to "Christians" having to tolerate the existence of other people, while not getting to be the boss of everybody.

Here' s the big, wingnutty, finale
Give the National Socialists credit for candor. In 1920s Germany, if a Jew had said to a Nazi, "You hate me," the goose-steeper would have replied: "You’re right, Jew. And if we ever get a chance, we’ll kill you." He would not have accused his victim of paranoia, hysteria, disrespecting real religious persecution, and making wild allegations for fundraising purposes.
In other words, media-members are worse than Nazis and do you know why? No, not because they're shipping Christians off to death camps, and murdering them by the millions, but because they refuse to agree with Don about the "War on Christians." By refusing to acknowledge that this bogus war exists, the media falls short of the high standards for honesty and forthrightness set by the Nazis.

And these are the people we insist are our friends?

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