Thursday, March 30, 2006

Your Attention Please

Yes, I changed the template. Like it?

If you direct your eyes to my sidebar, you'll notice I have started three new blogs:

Open Rebuke and Hidden Love
Cross at CrossCurrents
DovBear on the Parsha
Hail to the Chief (soon to come)
Lazy Workdays (soon to come)

Each of these new blogs is a growing anthology of posts that have previously appeared on the the main blog. The plan is to add a few posts a week to each blog, until all the old posts which are worth keeping have been organized by topic. I'll also make historical notes about the posts, as they occur to me, and I'll try to include noteworthy comments that appeared when the post was new.

I've started the anthologies, in lieu of an index, to give those of you who are new to the blog a place where you can read some of the noteworthy things we've done in the past. Also, if you hate parsha or politics or whatever you now have a spot in the DovBear universe that is unique to your interests.

I know there are some readers who hate it when I apologize, preferring me to keep my teeth bared, but I thought that with the new templates and the new anthologies, now would be the moment to wipe the slate clean. So, if you're a blogger or reader who has been slighted or offended or insulted by anything I have ever said or done, I hope you will find it in your heart to give me another chance. I am sorry, and I hope we can begin again.

For my part, I pledge to be a better member of the blogging community. As I said to someone by email the other day, I'm ready for my second act.

I hope you'll come along.

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