Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A fun Stephen Colbert fact to know and tell

When Colbert interviews a guest, he usually asks: "George W. Bush: great president, or the greatest president?" Democrats who demur, usually with some variation of "Dude, he sucks," are told by Colbert that they're being "put down for great."

Thus far, the only person to agree that Bush might indeed be the "greatest president" is... wait for it... Monica Crawley of MSNBC, one of the Girls of the GOP. Yes, MSNBC.

I bring this up, incidently, by way of reply to Ezzie, who yesterday piously and ignoranly insisted that MSNBC is "liberal." (I say "piously" because he repeated the claim in the manner of a seminary girl insisting that midrashim are literal; I say "ignorantly" well, because it fits.)