Monday, March 06, 2006

Toby Katz strikes again

Sounding quite a bit like Willian Donohue (the Catholic leader who last year said Hollywood was mostly Jews who like anal sex) our dear own Toby Katz, the Jewish-blogosphere's leading anti-Semite, recently let us know exactly how she feels about Jews... Hollywood Jews, that is.
By making the homosexual life seem so seductive, alluring and glamorous, Hollywood is making it exponentially more difficult than it ever was before for people with homosexual tendencies to remain chaste. Having led so many people to sin who would not have sinned in the past, Hollywood has a lot to answer for. The Jews of Hollywood, in particular, who seem the most bent on pushing immorality of every kind, will face a Judgment Day that I would not want to see.
What's the funniest part of this quote? That Toby Katz, a teacher at a Jewish High School, sounds just like Joseph Goebbels? Or, that Brokeback Mountain was made, not by Jews, but by Ang Lee, Annie Proulx, Larry McMurtry and Dianna Ossana? (not one Jew among them!)

No, the really funny part is that right before Toby blamed the Second World War on International Jewry accused the Jews of Hollywood of corrupting the whole wide world, she accused the Jews of Hollywood of making movies no one cares about.
How else could Hollywood have imagined a movie like Brokeback Mountain would have broad appeal? “Watch two men make love” isn’t much of a draw...
So the Jews of Hollywood are devious but stupid, dedicated to corrupting the world, but not sharp enough to work their insidiuous morality-hating messages into something popular.

More interesting, is the faulty logic Toby employs (or, more likely steals from a crummy website like TownHall or WorldNet Daily.) According to Toby the Jews of Hollywood made Brokeback in order to attack morality (because nothing corrupts people more than two cowboys smooching) but those same Jews of Hollywood also made Passion of the Christ and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! And hey! Didn't they make Schindler's List, too?

So what gives? Are the Jews of Hollywood a wee bit schizophrenic? Or is Toby, as we've long suspected, just a hater of secular Jews, using "Hollywood" and bogus objections to movies that weren't even made by Jews, as cover for her bigotry.