Thursday, March 30, 2006

War Declared...

...on Christians!

Several of the leading lights of the Conservative movement [Ed note: Ezzie's people] gathered this week in Washington D.C to discuss the "persecution of the Christians in the United States."

Correct. The self-same people who go on O'Reilly's show to stoutly aver that This Is A Christian Country Goddamit, apparently have another side of their mouth through which they have the nerve to complain that in this Christian Country they are victims of all sorts of excruciating punishments.

The poor dears. Never happy unless they are being crucified.

And their whining was enabled by a CrossCurrentsJew, one Michael Horowitz, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington and chuzpanyak first class, who was among the speakers. His learned contribution to the discussion was this:

You guys have become the Jews of the 21st century

I suppose Horowitz believes that in previous centuries, in places like Europe, for example, it was all sweetness, joy and light for the Jews. Whatever else could he mean? After all, here in America:

- 85 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians?

-there's a born-again Christian in the White House

- the Republican Party [Ed's note: Naphtuli's people] is controlled by the Christian religious right; and

- the White House hands out millions of dollars every year to Christian, faith-based, charities.

Did the Jews of old, our sainted European ancestors, ever have it quite so good? But then poor Mr. Horowitz's grasp of history seems rather tenuous, for he was also able to credit the "Christian decency" of this country with saving him from the terrors of Nazi Germany.

A nice sentiment, but Mr. Horowitz, what about the "Christian decency" that made it possible for such terrors to be perpetrated by Christians in the heart of a Christian continent, in the first place?

[HT: Gaon of Chelm]

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