Thursday, March 23, 2006

Proposed Shidduch

Rabbi Levi and John of God should go into business together.

Also: Gutless a7 should be ashamed for printing Rabbi Levi's story, and making itself a party to fraud.

Also: "Some guy" writes:
My opinion: If Kabbalists do have the power to miraculously heal, and if they are not out there every day in hospitals healing the dying people, then they are to be despised. Several people in my community have died at the prime of life from cancer, and if these kabbalists have healing powers and are only using them to perform parlor tricks, then they are the foulest of the foul. I would say the same when people bring up the idea that "Chazal knew modern science." If Chazal knew science, and nevertheless allowed millions of people to die from infection, childbirth, bleeding, etc., then they are despicable. Rather, they just didn't know.
An excellent point, "some guy!" I wonder if the DassTorahniks understand that their claims make the Sages look like monsters.

[Hat tip Q]