Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Andy Card Steps Down

...and Joshua Bolton* gets the big promotion.

Who is Joshua Bolton? Why, he's the genius behind our fiscally ruinous budget and the $371 billion deficit, of course.

As Daily Show host Jon Sterwart, a great American, put it last night, "I honestly believe you could walk into a cabinet meeting and throw feces at the wall, and George Bush would name a state after you."

Other Feces Throwers:

George Tenet, the CIA director who supplied the "slam-dunk" evidence that Iraq had WMDs. Reward: The Presidential Medal of Freedom

Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley allowed the discredited claim that Hussein had sought weapons-grade uranium (yellowcake) in Niger to appear in Bush's January 2003 State of the Union address. Hadley later said he deserved to be fired for the blunder. Reward: Promoted to National Security Advisor.

Tommy Franks designed the invasion plan which sent too few troops to Iraq allowing the looting after Baghdad was captured and the subsequent insurgency. Reward: The Presidential Medal of Freedom

* Note: The French website you'll visit if you click Josh Bolton's name humorously pictures UN Ambassador JOHN Bolton, instead.