Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New York Times: Laugh, and the Voters Laugh With You, or at Least at You

Steven Colbert, seen above posing with a portrait of himself posing with a portrait of himself, is on a mission to interview -or lampoon- all 434 members of the House of Representatives. I've caught some of it, and most of what I've seen is worth sharing. You can judge for yourself here. [Videos at the left]

Colbert -who's on-screen personality is something of a cross between Yackov Menken, Bill O'Reilly and Ezzie - possesses an endearing willingness to look stupid which permits him, for example, to ask Barney Frank about his wife, or to challenge Bill Pascrell Jr. for being insufficiently Italian. ("Congressman, your name doesn't end in a vowel.")

To date, none of the Congressmen has taken a swing at him, but Frank is reportedly pissed.