Friday, March 17, 2006

Help Mom! World Net Daily is Written by Idiots!

The page at World Net Daily hawking, "Help! Mom! Hollywood's in My Hamper" the new conservative screed which manages to demonize liberals, while also using Hillary Clinton in the way Catholics once used Satan in their morality plays, features this delicious bit of inadvertant humor:
In this age of celebrity worship, this book is a must for every kid who needs to learn that sometimes celebrities don’t know best. Find out for yourself why Rush Limbaugh proclaimed, “Our hats are off to [the author] Katharine DeBrecht..."
Oh. Is Rush Limbaugh no longer a celebrity? Or is he one of the celebrities who do know best?

Coming next from Katharine DeBrecht:
Help Yaakov! There are Monkey's in my Biology Textbook!
Help Chardal! They are Arabs in the Promised Land!
Help GH! There are Miracles in My Pentatuch!
Help Toby! There are Gay Cowboys in my Garage!
Help Zalman! There are supporters of Aaron in my shteeble!

(I'll also point out, at the risk of offending you, that using toys and kiddie books to indoctrinate your children to hate your opponents is a move right out of the Palestenian playbook.)