Friday, March 24, 2006

Credit where Credit is Due II
I wrote this one second, but Jameel posted it first. No biggie. What I like best about this particular effort is the line about the monkeys. Also, I was able to recycle a line or two from YitzhakEyzik which is always preferable to dreaming up new material. This post sort of sounds like him, no?

Mr. President Tear Down This Wall
by Coby MANken

Much as I appreciate the great work my blog colleagues have done recently defending Judaism against the grave and serious homosexual threat, not enough is being done to protect us from an equally serious danger: Scientists.

As you know, over the last 100 years science has been hopelessly corrupted by a certain liberal fairy tale known as "evolution." This concept, hatched by Charles Darwin, a pagan and a Democrat, has, with the passage of time, been embraced as gospel by the liberal, intellectual establishment that rules over our colleges and universities.

Little more than a deranged fantasy, "evolution" is not really science, but perverted liberalism gone wild. It teaches that our sainted grandparents were monkeys, the very same monkeys who are so essential to our ongoing quest for the perfect kiwi-raspberry-scented shampoo.

The great error of the scientists is that they seek to explain things that Rabbis don’t understand. Such chutzpa! And all of this nonsense is the work of the Yetzer Hara (or Satan as my very close Christian friends call him.) Via this liberal “science” the Yetzer Hara subverts our respect for Torah and the Sages by dazzling us with fancy theories and and the pro-evolution statements of Rishonim and Achronim.

If America is to stop its moral decline we need to make sure that our public schools offer a fair & balanced approach to explaining how God invented white people in His image. The unconstitutional effort of renegade school boards to introduce Intelligent Design into science classes is a perfect example of the just and needed erosion of the Church/State wall that is so desperately required. Only when the Church/State wall goes the way of the Berlin Wall will America fulfill its destiny and become a truly wonderful place for Orthodox Jewish families.