Friday, March 10, 2006

Shout Outs

Attention Toby Katz: I really liked your post about the work you do for you local chevra kadisha. It was a thing of great beauty. In fact, I wrote at least three comments on your thread complimenting you, but whoever runs the store over at Cross Currents refused to publish them. Also, the way you were able to write a post filled with such great love just days after you wrote a post about Hollywood Jews that was filled with such great hate is a great answer to the Bible critics. If you're capable of writing in so many different and contradictory styles, why can't God?

Attention Chardal parodist: Yo, you were supposed to be mocking Chardal. Not me. Yeesh. Did Jameel not explain that to you? Anyway, THIS is how you do Chardal
The other day, while on one of my regular forays into Jericho, I saw an Arab standing on the steps of a house he had purchased with his own money acting as if he owned the place. Boy, did that make me mad. Embaresssed as I am to admit it, my yetzer hara got the better of me, and I was not able to smite the uppity raghead. Oh lord of our fathers Avraham, Issac, Jacob and R-V K-K. Please give me the strength to overcome my evil inhibition and give me the strength to fulfil your will the next time I encounter an Arab walking with his feet on the dirt of your most holy land.
Note: I have accepted the Chardal parodist's apology.

Attention Chardal: Only kidding, brother! And Happy Purim!

Attention Cross Currents parodist: You. Go. Girl.

Attention Aaron A pluralist is not someone who thinks "there is no one 'way'. That there are many truths, and that nothing is absolute."

Rather, a pluralist says there are a core of human values -let us say 74, or perhaps 122, or 26, but finite, whatever it may be - that I can pursue while maintaining my human semblance, my human character. Not all humans, systems or religions emphasize the same values, but because they are human values I can understand (not "accept," not "respect," but understand) why you may choose to emphasize particular values and not others, and vice versa.

Attention Readers: Thanks for everything.