Friday, March 03, 2006

Stupid, ugly and his mother dresses him funny

LA Times/Bloomberg report:

Bush's popularity slides even further (PDF)

Take away points:

- Less than two out of five respondents (38%) approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president, down five points since January’s Times/Bloomberg poll, while almost three out of five disapprove (58%), up four points from January.

- 54% of respondents disapproved of his handling the war on terrorism, while 44% approved. This includes 41% who “strongly” disapproved.

Thirty-seven percent approved of the way Bush is handling the nation’s economy, while 60% disapproved. This includes 39% who “strongly” disapproved.

Those numbers, boys and girls, are worse that Clinton's were during his impeachment. Can you imagine how awful they would be if Bush didn't have every imaginable resource (including the media) propping him up?

Someone (Ezzie? Ezzie?) play republican's advocate for me. That 30-40 percent who still think Bush is worth keeping... what exactly do they like about him? Or are they all just meth addicts?