Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video maker responds to a DovBear post

Dear Dov Bear Readers

 Sorry I wan to able to address this earlier.

As the person who directed and filmed this video I have much to say on it. I am very much in agreement that to profit on Leiby's expense would be a terrible abomination. However the case here is not one which is about profiting on his expense. The boy Yisrael Amar, his father who for the record is a shlich in florida, and one of his donors was the real force behind this project, asked that they create a song. Something to bring some sort of comfort to this terrible tragedy.

Does Yisrael have publicity from this video? Of course! But so what. It was not the reason that this project was started. It was a boy and his father using talents that Hashem gave them in the best possible way. To begin to describe how hurt I am by Leiby's story, that I wont even begin to do. We all feel the pain.

This boy with his fathers help made a song which helped bring out a powerful message. Did he get publicity? Yes. Does that make them evil? I guess we will leave that to you to decide.

But as the person involved with creating the video and working with the Amar's I can say that they are here to help the keletzky family. If you want to take that the wrong way thats your choice. But I believe after an event like this we need to keep our achdus. If one person will find comfort one way and one person another, respect that. Kol Tov.

Yosef Shidler

DB responds: I agree that no one here is evil, or wrong, or bad or deserving of approbation and scorn. My point simply is that its impossible to say that the people behind this video received no benefit from their association with Leiby. As I wrote in one forum (my own comments):

Who has the more popular name? Leiby.
Who has the less popular name? The song writer.
So who needs who in this relationship?

The Leiby Fund (we hope and expect) is gaining 99 cents, but what is this formally unknown singer, and this video maker we never heard of getting? Ah. Now we know who they are. Now they have something impressive for their portfolio. Now they can start a meeting, or phone call by saying. you don't know me BUT I MADE THE LEIBY VIDEO

Now again, this doesn't make anyone evil, or detract from the good deed of raising money for the fund. As I wrote in another forum (Twitter) even sincere, kind people, can sometimes be crass, exploitative and opportunistic. But don't you expect some career, and perhaps finacial benefits? And didn't there considerations play some part in the decision to go ahead with the project? That's all that was meant via the headline that suggested you, and the others, were "cashing in."

I do want to thank Mr. Shidler for writing, and I do want to apologize in public for any pain I may have caused by reprinting his own email verbatim under the headline "Cashing in on Leiby." I am sorry, and I hope you succeed in raising money for the fund. Tizku l'Mitzvos.

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