Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fox's Well Coordinated War on Media Matters

Wow. The Fox lies just don't stop. Instead of reporting about their own parent company's corruption, Roger Ailes and his no-integrity goons have launched a full press attack on Media Matters:
Over the past three weeks the network has run dozens of segments attacking Media Matters -- on Fox "news" and opinion shows, on the Fox Business Network, and as the top three simultaneous lead stories on its website, Fox Nation. They have repeatedly encouraged viewers to file complaints with the IRS, even providing a direct link to a pre-filled form on their website.
As the video shows, it seems like every Fox employee got the memo. [After the jump] They are all singing from the exact same song sheet. And they say the liberal media is guilty of group think?  Also disturbing is how the Fox talking heads just lie about what Media Matters does, and about what censorship is. These are professional reporters, with degrees from good journalism schools. Doesn't it embarrass them to go on the air, carrying Ruport Murdoch's water like this? The lack of integrity from the hired help at Fox is downright frightening. Look at how people will corrupt themselves for money.

I'm a semi-regular reader of Media Matters and I can attest that 99 percent of the time all Media Matters does is post video and transcripts of what people have actually said.  If you want Media Matters to stop posting your content, the solution is simple: Just tell the truth. If you don't distort the facts, Media Matters is out of business.

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