Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scam of the day

A $95 dollar value! Act now! Because prayers said at the wall by someone claiming to be a Torah scholar always come true!

And if you look at the Bible you'll see that when the going got tough, and salvation seemed impossible, all of our heroes hired someone to pray  at the Kotel on their behalf. Nothing could be more authentically Jewish then asking an intermediary to approach God on your behalf.

When Chana wanted a child what did she do?

When Moshe wanted his sister to recover what did he do?

When Tanaim and Amoraim needed help, or inspiration, or salvation what did they do?

When our grandparents were threatened by anti-Semites, disease and poverty what did they do?

You guessed it. They all wrote out a check, and let the magic do its thing.

This is why our great leaders have always counseled against prayer, and why almost all of them tried to ban the prayer book.

As a great leader of the previous generation is said to have said by someone who heard someone say that he heard that it was said "Who the hell are you to pray? You think God wants to hear from a low-life menuval like you?  Better you should pay someone, preferably my son-in-law the Torah scholar, to say the prayers for you. Can't hurt!"

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