Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evil gay-hating Rabbi soils himself

This is idiot supreme, the bigoted moron  and clinically insane Yehuda Levin saying Leiby Kletzky was killed because we Jews did too little to stop the same gender marriage bill. Oh, and also abortions, plus Anthony Weiner, David Greendfield and Liberals.

Summary, all SIC, from his YouTube page:
Is This a Possible Reason For The Tragic Murder of Leiby Keletsky ?-part 1
From: TheFearKashes | Jul 19, 2011 | 308 views
the series of events culminating in the horrific murder of the holy innocent torah student leiby keletsky o.b.m., closely facimiles the confrontation the biblical jews had with G-D"S timeless enemy amalek.see shemos\exodus 17:14-16 & deuteronomy 25:17-19. the jew is seduced to exit the cloud of protection,molested ,murdered & mutilated. similarly the ultra orthodox city councilman david greenfield recently voted to increase abortions in new york city.this is in direct contradiction to the pro life torah values of his G_D &the torah observant community.abortion, the ultimate dismemberment of innocent preborn children ; which the talmud in tractate sanhedrin equates with murder [ see genesis 9:6] . nobody in the entireortodox community took note nor challenged or chastised greenfield. similarly the community as a whole didnt come out in the thousands to protest same gender marriage. prehaps,measure for measure they then had to come out ,by the thousands ,ultimately unsuccessfully ,to search for the victim of the amalek \ sodom agend
Now I know why there are signs in front of the shiva house in Boro Park begging visitors not to discuss the case with Leiby's bereaved parents. Its not because someone is worried his parents will discover the horror of how the murder was committed, but because they'll learn of the horror perpetrated by people like Levin who seek to use Leiby's tragic death to stir up hatred and bigotry against innocent people.

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