Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Awesome Compliment for the Jewish People

The claim is being made that Gypsy man and women are masquerading as Jews and soliciting charity in Queens neighborhoods. I can't substantiate the claim, but I can't rule it out either. The author of the website Gypsies Posing As Jews has interviewed some of the accused, and says they don't have even baseline Jewish knowledge and deliver canned responses.  His full evidence, which I have received by email,  is as follows:
  1.  They have clearly been trained by some handler who gives them all small index cards that has their sob story written on it which is usually the same.
  2. They are invariably from Moldova. I have asked to see the IDs of some and they have (naively) showed me them. They also say they are from Moldova. Moldova has an almost non-existent Jewish population (see and
  3.  Most of them look distinctly non-Jewish.
  4.  Most of them look distinctly like many Roma / Gypsies look. (Do a Google Images search)
  5. They all have certain identical canned lines like " Hashem should bless you"
  6. When you ask them their names they invariably respond with something generic such s "Sara daughter of Rachel"
  7. different ones have told me they live on Kingston Ave in Bed Stuy so unless they hang out with the Messianists they would be the only Jews in that area.
  8.  Upon being quizzed it is clear they have no Jewish knowledge whatsoever.
The only thing on the list that is a real slam dunk is #2.

If its true that these beggers are Gypsies in disguise, what an awesome compliment for the Jewish people! Clearly, we have a reputation, among the Gypsies at least,  for being merciful children of merciful parents, and the words of the speaker on B T Yevamos 79 remain true:

שלשה סימנים יש באומה זו: הרחמנים, והביישנין, וגומלי חסדים
There are three signs of this nation – they are merciful, bashful and generous (do kindness for others.)

Or to translate it colloquially, what a bunch of commie, socialist left-wing  liberals those Jews are :)

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