Wednesday, July 06, 2011

GOP candidate caught in big fat lie

Can Rick Santorum add? The following story suggests he cannot, but because its unlikely that the Republican candidate for president is quite that stupid, it seems more likely that he was caught dead to rights in the sort of mendacious anti-Obama lie in which Republicans specialize. It happened like this. Santorum was being interviewed by Ali Velshi when he said:

"[Obama] passed a huge stimulus package that now we know, over the past two quarters, has actually cost American jobs, and that’s from the report of his own administration. They claimed in December that by the end of last year that they created 280 million jobs, and now they’re saying that they created only 240 million jobs."

After Velshi asked Santorum to restate his point, he said this:

"If you look at the report that came out on Friday, the President’s own economic advisers said that the jobs stimulus package actually created fewer jobs over the period of time, since the stimulus package went in place than it did when they reported back in December. In other words, there’s 30 million less jobs as a result of the stimulus package."

Did you catch the mendacity? Velshi did. And he pounced:

That’s not a loss of jobs, Senator, that’s a smaller aggregation of jobs

See the video after the jump.

Fewer jobs created is not the same thing as jobs lost!

Using Santorum math did the Democrats gain seats in 2010?

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