Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stuff I don't understand about the sad case of Leibby Kletzky

Aside from the obvious - i.e what [expletive deleted] is wrong with people and how [expletive deleted] could someone be so evil? -- I have a few questions about the Kletzky case.

How did the cops find his body so quickly? Kids, unfortunately, disappear with some frequency, and my impression was that many remain missing for months and months. Was Leibby found in less than two days because his murderer was unusually sloppy? Was it because the cops got a lucky break? Did the army of Jews who participated in the search help at all? Or are my stats wrong? Perhaps a quick resolution isn't that unusual?.

I hope someone writes an essay for one of the excellent magazines detailing the steps in the investigation. I really would like to know exactly how the cops cracked this case.

Update: Here's my answer. The uncovered this video and tracked the owner of the car:

Great work NYPD. Now I suppose we have to have a whole debate about the value of surveillance videos, privacy and the rest.

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