Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some posts worth reading on 17 Tamuz

A DovBear Debunking: What happened on 17 Tammuz?
Jul 8, 2010 – Are any of the claims made on the OU's website true?

Left Wing Pharisee: No Coincidences: July 4 and 17 Tamuz
Jul 7, 2010 –July 4th, 1776 coincided with 17 Tammuz. What do we think that means?

Bray of Fundie: The Sin that Dare Not Speak its Name
Jul 30, 2008 – On 17 Tamuz we mourn the wages of the sin) rather than the sin itself. Why?

Search for more information about 17 Tamuz at 4torah.com  

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