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Cashing in on Leiby Kletzky #2 smells a payday.

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GuardYourEyes Chizuk E-Mail (No. 1,061)
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Friday ~ 13 Tamuz, 5771 ~ July 15, 2011
Erev Shabbos Parshas Pinchas

"The Leiby Kedusha Initiative"

The fact that this horrific story happened between Parshas Balak - which ends with the story of the daughters of Mo'av, and Parshas Pinchas - which talks about the greatness of Pincha's zealously for Kedusha, and also the fact that this tragedy is most likely the outcome of a perversion in inyanei Kedusha, all this together is perhaps a message to Klal Yisrael that Hashem is demanding that we take stock of the low state of Kedusha in our community today.

We would like to launch an initiative in memory of Leiby Kletzky to try and help boost the kedusha in Klal Yisrael in 3 main areas.

1) Prevention and Treatment of Lust addiction
2) Child Molestation Prevention
3) Tznius in our communities

1) Prevention and Treatment of Lust addiction: All those of us on GYE are already part of this revolution in Klal Yisrael, trying to purify themselves against all odds. Thousands of Yidden are using the tools and support of our network to turn their lives around. How can you help?

(A) First and foremost, let us all purify ourselves more! It is brought down in many sefarim that every time a Jew lifts himself a bit higher, he makes "room" (so to speak) for the person on the level below him to move up as well... When we purify ourselves even a little bit more, we set off a chain reaction that leads even those on the very bottom of 50th shaar hatumah to be able to go up higher! Download or purchase a hard-copy of the recently updated GYE Handbook and learn all the tools to "Break Free" of these difficult temptations.

(B) Put preventive measures in place for you and your family. Install solid filtering and reporting software in all your internet enabled devices. We can help! Contact our filter gabai for advice at Download the GYE Prevention Tips for Parents Handbook to learn the many things you can do to keep your home safe.

(C) Help us spread the word about our work by either telling your friends, family or Rabbanim about us.

(D) Please donate (on our new donation page) so we can advertise and expand our programs to meet the ever growing need.

2) Child Molestation Prevention: Unfortunately this is not a small issue in our communities today, and it is destroying the lives of many innocent souls. And even more tragically, those who are abused often go on to abuse others. This is a terrible disease, and here are a few ways we can help prevent it:

(A) Learning how to speak to our children about these dangers. For this, we can suggest a few things:

1. Listen to this important video talk by Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz - founder of Project YES, called Speaking To Your Kids About Personal Safety.

2. Read this great article by called "Preventing Child Molestation".

3. Download this PDF booklet called "Summer Safety - Sacred Lives" which all parents should read before sending their kids to camp. It can be downloaded here.

(C) Report anyone who has done such things to the authorities so he doesn't strike again and gets the help he needs. See this article, this article and this article for the Halachic P'sak that this is not considered "messirah". If you know someone in the NY community who needs to be stopped, Assemblyman Dov Hikind started an organization called "Shomrei Yaldeinu" and Dov Cohen ( and Joe Lazar ( are in charge of it. Contact them for advice on how to proceed.

(C) Appropriate prevention and treatment of lust addiction (as GYE is doing) can drastically cut down the number of these cases over time. It is clear that lust addiction can sometimes lead to these problems if it is not dealt with properly in earlier stages.

3) Tznius in our communities: Women often don't realize what goes on in a man's head when he sees them walk or dressed a certain way. This includes tight-clothing, high-heels, long sheitels, etc... The problem is, that when men try to bring up this issue with the women, they usually brush it off and say that they just want to look good to feel good about themselves, and the men shouldn't be such "perverts" and learn to control their eyes and thoughts. That's why it's important to spread the following shiur around to as many women as you can. Let them hear it from a woman! This is a powerful talk given by a desperate mother whose son was diagnosed with an untreatable tumor. She took it upon herself to boost awareness in this area in the hope that this zechus will stand by her son. Please spread it around! (Warning, it's only for women to hear, since it may be a bit triggering for men where she discusses what kind of things are triggers).

Rabbosai, if we can undertake to help boost awareness and help in these 3 areas, or even in ONE of these 3 areas, we will be taking to heart the lesson that Hashem perhaps wants us to take from the horrible story last week, and the soul of Leiby will find peace and have an aliya through our hisorerus!




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