Monday, July 18, 2011

Jews on Weeds -- Now with pictures

A guest post by @azigra

The show's protagonist, Nancy Botwin, recently out of Jail and now living in a halfway house in Washington Heights, interviews for a job with a Hassidic Jew in the lamp business. 

Hassidim don't dress in clothing that are in style and they certainly don't want to see others dressed in stylish clothing. Therefore, Nancy decides to go with a 80s-era number with both shoulder pads and huge gold buttons. This jacket is something you'd see while watching movies from the 80's or while walking the Streets of Boro Park.

The Hassid, your classic white shirt, large skullcap, and sidelocks, is a bit confused. He's clearly not a Lubavitcher, his beard seems to be trimmed, yet he has six pictures of the Rebbe hanging prominently in his office. The show films in New York so perhaps someone ran to Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights to pick this up. 

He wouldn't be a good Hassid without displaying a seasonal Jewish artifact all year long. See the obligatory Menorah on top of the fridge. 

He's overweight, messy, clumsy, and speaks in a bad impersonation Woody Allen/Larry David voice. He's a smart Jew and is good at math or something so he carried multiple pens in his shirt pocket. His black velvet Yarlmuka has a rim, an authentic show prop, something they would have had to pick up in a real Judaica store. His sidelocks are semi-curled, with that fresh just-out-of-the-mikva look you want in your Hassid. 

In this character's 60 second of screen time he used the following words and expressions:

"a tax break is a tax break is a tax break"
"my nephew got caught smuggling ecstasy into Canada"
"you're too nervous, you make me nervous"

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Lookers-on see most of the game.

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