Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dennis Prager cuts off his nose to spite his face

Did you know that Dennis Prager thinks it might be a GOOD thing if San Francisco were to outlaw circumcision. Well almost...
Although I am strongly opposed to the proposition, if it passes, some good may come of it... If the most left-wing major city in America starts arresting Jews who have their children circumcised there, some American Jews might awaken to the threat to Jews posed by the Left.
Brilliant, right? Only two small things.

(1)  In the rest of the article, Dennis goes on for paragraphs about how valuable he thinks the Brit Milah ritual is, before turning on a dime and announcing he's willing to sacrifice it all on the alter of I Was Right And You Were Wrong.  It takes a special kind of sick moron to root audibly for the elimination of civil rights, the loss of liberty,  the imprisonment of Jews, and the end of a rite he finds valuable and meaningful simply for the sake of scoring some ideological points.  

(2) Dennis conveniently omits to mention that the big bad left-wing establishment opposes the circumcision ban.
But, as usual,  Dennis isn't about to let the facts enter his own  personal Imagination Land or admit to anything that might interfere with his righteous crusade against a left-wing bogeyman of his own creation.

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