Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More misbehaving in Bnai Brak Ir HaKodesh

Ethiopian Teen Attacked at Mikveh
Racism in Bnei Brak: Worker curses boy at entrance to ritual bath, calling him 'stinking black person,' then follows him home and physically attacks his family. 'I slapped him but good,' he tells police >>More

Said the great Yitz Jordan on Facebook:
Not only should this worker be fired immediately AND arrested, but is there going to be ANYONE who stands up for Ethiopians and other Jews of color in situations like this? If I heard "stinking kushi" being said while I was in the mikvah!? This can NOT be allowed to go on. When a woman wears a t-shirt, B'nei B'rak riots, will there be riots for this?!

My reply: 
Of course there won't be riots. The rioters riot because they hate women, not because they love Torah. They're not likely to riot in this case because they hate black people, too.

Search for more information about Bnai Brak bastards at 4torah.com.

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