Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Indonesian Menorah demonstrates Obama haters are a bunch of liars (Plus: meet my new Jewish hero)

Just after the president's recent visit to Indonesia, (the one that cost nowhere near $200 million per day despite what irresponsible phonies like Hannity claimed) my inbox was inundated with an especially ubiquitous viral email claiming that he had "praised" Indonesia "as tolerant." This glad-handing munificence toward his hosts something practiced by all politicians, in every situation, was characterized by the scummy liars who create ubiquitous viral emails as a great stain on the president's character. How dare that-Muslim, socialist, commie, fascist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright adoring Obama praise a bunch of Jew-hating Indonesians for "tolerance" they railed.

Their comeuppance came this morning in the form of a New York Times article (actually their comeuppance came first in the comments of this post, but I suppose more people saw the Times article) The article describes efforts made by a local Indonesian government to make their remaining Jews feel comfortable. These efforts include the installation of a 62-foot menorah on a hill overlooking the town of Monado, which was paid for by the government.  Also:
Flags of Israel can be spotted on motorcycle taxi stands, one near a six-year-old synagogue that has received a face-lift, including a ceiling with a large Star of David, paid for by local officials.
The article also describes my new hero, Toar Pennington, a 27-year old Indonesian man who dons a hat and jacket every Friday night and sits down to a Shabbos dinner.

“We’re just trying to be good Jews,” he says.

Unfortunately, by "we" he means the 10-20 Jews left in Indonesia - a sad fact, that makes his behavior all the more astounding.

Search for more information about the am keshai oref at 4torah.com.

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