Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking News: Matisyahu Solomon says Kupait Hair is Gezel Gamur!

The fact that Kupat Hair is as crooked as three-dollar bill should be no shock to anyone who has seen their absurd advertisments which, following the classic scam, guarantee blessings and miracles to anyone foolish enough to hand over some money. What's shocking is that Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon, the moshgiach at Bes Medrash Govoha, has allegedly called the organization a bunch of theives. Here's the moneyquote from the Lakewood Voice (and try not to guffaw at the writing)
In a shock to the readers, R’ Matisyahu Soloman said at a Shabbos seuda in Beth Medrash Gavoah (to the bochurim at the table) that what Kupat Ha’ir is doing is “gezel gamur”. He said that “a thousand” girls desperate for shiduchim had given their life savings to Kupat Ha’ir hoping for a yeshua, and then called him up crying when nothing came of it.
Nothing came of it? No kidding.

Other questions: Why do the so-called gdolim permit their names to be used on the Kupat Ha'ir solicitations. Why don't they scream bloody murder when such unfulfillable promises are made in their names? What kind of organization blatently lies to young people, and robs them of their savings, in the name of Torah?

What the Jewish world needs is a James Randi who can publicly expose these hucksters and con-men for the frauds that they are. Barring that we need Jewish parents to stop encouraging their children to believe in such nonsense. The idea that an ordinary human being can shower you with blessings in exchange for money is false, and has no basis in Judaism. For some reason this superstitious malarky has taken root in the Orthodox Jewish imagination. If the theives who are robbing single women of all their money are to be defeated the lie must be uprooted.

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