Monday, November 08, 2010

A mikva lady meets Tyra Banks

This clip is from 2009. It was first spotted by MarkSofla and posted on In the Pink

I think the lady said too much, and oversold the mikvah experience. Plenty are not "spa-like" and no one really needs to know about your internal checks. Also, I found myself wondering about the interpretations.

Nowadays, OJs put a very positive spin on the whole mikva experience and I suppose I support that.

Still, I found myself wondering what a woman of the first century might have thought about her monthly trip to to the mikva..

One thing is certain: All the mumbo-jumbo about husband and wives finding new ways to communicate would not have applied in antiquity.  When the mikva rules were initiated, most men had multiple wives. Rather then finding "new ways to communicate" with a ritually impure wife, who he likely would have judged his intellectual inferior, the ancient husband would have been just fine communicating via the old ways with one of his other women.

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