Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down with Derek Jeter

I don't know what sweet nonsense agents and others may have been whispering in Derek Jeter's ears, but the idea that he has been "devalued"  by the latest Yankee offer is absurd.  

Derek Jeter is 37 years old, and on the decline. Within two years we're likely to discover that he doesn't have the range or the speed to play shortstop anymore, and he already can't hit with enough power to play third or DH. Yet, the Yankees still offered him $15 million for the next three years. That's Chase Utley money, and the Phillie second baseman is a younger, better player. The best shortstops - Hanly Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins - are also younger and more talented than Jeter, and they make about $12 million per year.

So where does Jeter get the nerve to act insulted? Even though he's old, and well on his way to being useless, his team offered him $3 million beyond what more accomplished shortstops are paid, and they made that offer with the full understanding that Jeter will likely not be a full-time player in a year or two. 

That's more than generous. 

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