Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How Hasidic Blessings work

In this clip, the Vishnitz Rebbe [Update: Despite what the video title says, this is actually the rebbe's son] provides a politician he has never met with a holy, spiritual, powerful blessing* on the recommendation and say-so of someone who can't seem to remember the supplicant's first name.

I also like how both men seem to be students of the patented Andy Bernard system for Getting Ahead in Life, which among "name repetition and personality mirroring" includes "never breaking off a handshake."*

Additional Note: Becker should fire whoever prepared his briefing book. At the end, you can hear him say that "it would be a blessing" to visit the Rebbe's father in Israel. Alas, R. Chaim Meir Hager has been dead since 1972. Never mind. I, obviously, can't keep track of the various rebbes, and pretenders. See the first comment for the explanation.

* For Yeedle, and other potentially clueless individuals, I wish to emphasize that the statements marked with asterisks are intended as snark.

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