Monday, November 08, 2010

Barbara Bush makes a WASPy Comment about her son and Israel

In his new book, ex-president Georgie recalls a caustic conversation with his mainstream Protestant mother.

Here's how MoDo summarizes it:
The book lacks the vindictive or vaporous tone of many political autobiographies. It’s peppered with endearing personal stories, like the time W. made a Rose Garden speech supporting a Palestinian state and his mother called afterward to ask sarcastically, “How’s the first Jewish president doing?”
I'm not sure how to understand Bab's remark. Is she teasing him, or complimenting him?

Teasing him:
Some pro-Israel president you turned out to be Georgie. Here's a little newsflash: Supporting the creation of a Palestinian state is NOT in keeping with your previously asserted love and support for RW Israel, you dimwit.

Complimenting him:
Announcing your support for the Palestinian state is going to bring greater peace and stability to the region, and one day even the RW Jews are going to recognize that, and remember you as a great friend of the Jewish people.

(MoDo says the comment was made "sarcastically" but that's likely her own interpretation.)

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