Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Moments in Marketing

Tweeters, bloggers and others are mocking Whiskey Tango, a bar in Miami, for offering to pay the house's tab whenever the Heat lost. A sample:
@yglesias:  Bwahaha. Miami bar that promised free drinks for every Heat loss down $30,000.
It would appear the joke is on the bar, with the Heat having lost 8 games already. According to the owners,they are down about $30,000 in revenue, but only about $10,000 net. (Bars mark up drinks as much as 30 percent) 

And what has the bar gotten for $10,000? Over 60 radio interviews, mentions on ESPN, CNN, DovBear, and other networks, and plenty of play from tweeters, bloggers and others who think Whiskey Tango made a mistake.

Not bad for $10,000.

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