Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mir And The Eida Team Up To Change The Mesora

A Guest Post by Rafi G

The administration of the Mir Yeshiva in Meah Shearim (Beis Yisroel) has been working recently with the Eida Hachareidis people on a new project. This idea would be to shut down all the food establishments (it is probably a bit of a stretch to call them restaurants) in the area of "The Mir" every night at 11pm.

Bechadrei reports that according to a source in the Eida, the initiator of the idea was "The Mir". In addition to that, there has been an increasing number of complaints from local residents about the late night noise.

They are preparing to send a joint letter to all the local food establishments telling them they must close nightly at 11pm. There is a delay while they debate what to do with Thursday nights - make it an exception and allow them to remain open until midnight, or to make them close Thursday night as well at 11pm.

The source in the Eida said that any establishment that refuses to comply with the new rules will be shut down. Either by people not going in to the restaurant (i.e. a ban on the place), or using "other methods". "Every possibility is being considered."

Thursday night in Mea Shearim without the 2am cholent? This will be a churban of the yeshiva system and is a clear change in the mesora. I am not sure who gave them a hetter to make such a serious change in the holy mesora of the yeshiva system and bring in new hanhagos, such as no food after 11pm which might encourage the young men to even go to sleep early!

Without access to the local late night hamburger or pizza, will these young men venture out, chas v'shalom, to pastures farther out, like - gasp! -  Ben-Yehuda and Jaffa Road?

Implementing such a plan can be a very dangerous proposition. I hope they consider all the ramifications of such a decision.

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