Monday, November 29, 2010

Christian Republicans using anti-Semitic appeals to target a Jewish Republican

In Texas, race-baiting Republican Christians are using anti-Semitic appeals in their campaign to defeat a fellow Republican, Joe Straus.

Apparently, even Republicans aren't safe from the racism and nastiness of the right wing. As C>A notes in the first comment, poor Eric Cantor!

What follows after the jump are some of the offensive materials, all of which were collected by Think Progress.

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– “Straus is going down in Jesus’ name,” said one e-mail, whose origins were unclear.
– Straus “clearly lacks the moral compass to be speaker,” said another, written by Southeast Texas conservative activist Peter Morrison. A Morrison e-mail said that Straus’ rabbi sits on a Planned Parenthood board and then pointed out that Straus’ opponents in the Speaker’s race “are Christians and true conservatives.” Morrison is a contributor to the white supremacy website VDARE. 
– The Tea Party-backed groups are now running anti-Straus robo-calls and e-mails demanding a “true Christian speaker,” reports News 8 Austin.
– The Quorum Report, an online newsletter, reported extensively late Monday on e-mails that mentioned Straus’ Judaism, his rabbi and the Christian faith of his House critics, who include Rep. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola. 
– Patrick Brendel reported that David Barton, leader of the group WallBuilders, has helped organize much of the anti-Straus campaign. Barton is a frequent contributor to the Glenn Beck program. 
– Kaufman County Tea Party Chairman Ray Myers sent an e-mail last week praising a Straus opponent as “a Christian Conservative who decided not to be pushed around by the Joe Straus thugs.”

I'm tempted to say "so much for Christian values," but the reality is that Texas Christians are being nothing but  true to their religious traditions.

For two-thousand years Christian have showered us with hatred and violence, and even those who nowadays offer us friendship mostly do so with the expectation that we'll move to Israel, bring the rapture and die in the ensuing massacre.

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