Monday, August 17, 2009

Your chance to help make history

Looking for a way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the publication of DovBear on the Parsha? Us, too. But rather than throw a garish party with celebrities, live music, and jello shots we've elected to instead publish an electronic version of the book, which can be yours for just 5 bucks.

The electronic DovBear on the Parsha will be available, we hope, by the end of the month. To make this event extra-special, we've also decided to fix whatever typos and misspellings were missed last summer by our crack team of highly-trained professional proofreaders (i.e. me and Tik, and believe it or not, we caught and corrected dozens if not hundreds of mistakes.)

To do this right, we need your help and this (see the title) is how you can help make history. Submit any errors you've found in the printed version to and your name and/or blog URL* will appear in the acknowledgment section of the electronic edition. Plus, you'll have the zchus of helping to make the book better, AND you'll get a free copy!

*No names or blog URLs will be published without express permission.

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