Sunday, August 23, 2009

Would you urinate with them watching?

A Guest Post by Rafi G

This is pretty funny. they wanted to stop people from urinating on the side of the building, so they put out pictures of Rabbis on the wall of the building. people felt uncomfortable urinating with the rabbis "watching them"...

I wonder if people were specifically urinating on the wall of that building (that would be the religious council of Lod), or if it is just one of many buildings urinated on in Lod...

Anyway, the people of Lod might be uncouth, but at least they have respect for the rabbis!

The Lod religious council has come up with an original solution to stop the indecent act of residents urinating on one of the walls outside its offices – one of the council's employees adorned the wall with pictures of rabbis and holy symbols, and ever since, no one has dared to relieve themselves there.

"Ever since one of the workers here put the rabbis' pictures on the wall, people stopped urinating on it," said Daniel Ben Saadon, head of the religious council. "There are clubs and cafes nearby that attract youths that used to urinating on the wall. Thank heavens this phenomenon has disappeared.
I do hope this guy washed the wall before he did this:
"I even kiss the wall," said one youth at a nearby café. "It's like a holy wall. And it is also very beautiful." When asked if he would urinate there if he had no choice, the youth said: "Heaven forbid. Near the rabbis watching you? Even criminals respect the rabbis, that's how it is here, there is respect for religious clerics."

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