Friday, August 14, 2009

Healthcare Is Just Another Word For Holocaust

What follows was written by Scott at World O' Crap. Taken without permission.

Professional Paranoid Sher Zieve, has lately found herself out-crazied, by both the national brands of demagogue such as Sarah (”a death panel of dingoes ate my baby!”) Palin, and up-and-coming amateurs such as Kenneth (The Fainting Goat) Gladney. But Sher isn’t about to let a few hand-drawn swastikas steal the limelight, not when she can come right out and say that health care reform will turn your doctor’s office into Auschwitz.
ObamaCare provides Americans healthcare in the same way that Hitler’s ovens provided the German people fresh bread.
Yes, nothing says lovin’ like something from the ovens of Hitler. Now I suppose I get what Sher is saying here — “health care reform will reform health care. NOT!” — but her remarkably overblown, yet trivializing analogy raises another question. Wingnuts denounced any inquiry into possible Bush Administration war crimes as “criminalizing policy differences,” yet they feel entitled to equate actual policy differences with crimes against humanity. So I suppose my question is — WTF?
And where are those who after World War II screamed and shouted “Never again!”?
Well, a lot of them are in Israel, enjoying universal health care.
Where are the people who lost entire families to Hitler’s Holocaust?
This is just a guess, but I imagine at least are few are currently being irked by your suggestion that an additional health insurance option is the same as being gassed, or worked to death as a slave laborer.

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