Sunday, August 30, 2009

Link Dump

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The publicity Gods sure did smile on tireless self-promoter Shumly Boteach. The president of Libya is planning to set up a tent in a backyard that's right next door to his house. Naturally, Shmuly is already on my TeeVee with the whole sordid tale. [Chaim Rubin]

What does dishonest anti-Obama invective look like? An example: Notice that Obama mentioned Israel five days in a row, then (a) construe this as a bad thing; and (b) mischarecterize all five mentions as "negative" [The Muqata]

Hey, dirty hippie liberal Kennedy supporters! Stop focusing on all that Kennedy did to help the poor, sick and defenseless to the exclusion of the "whole picture." You should instead be focusing on Chappaquiddick to the exclusion of the "whole picture." [Not Brisker Yeshiva]

Suffer and die U2 fans! Our Atonement holiday is loads more important than your stupid concert! [Fink or Swim]

How many things do you love about HSM's husband? Oddly she seems to have started a new meme on the subject and... tagged us all? [In the Pink]

How many more messianic "proofs" must Josh debunk before we Jews drop the whole silly habit of discovering and disseminating them? [ParshaBlog]

We've tracked down the Renegade Rebbatzin! She's now blogging as DYS. The piles of unfinished posts are a dead give-away. [Torat Ezra]

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