Thursday, August 06, 2009

Republican Dream Ticket

Can we start beating our drums for Palin/Taitz 2012? I can't think of combination that better sums up the pathologies of the modern Republican party.

On the top of the ticket we have Palin, and her naked contempt for any American with a bit more money or a bit more brainpower than average. She also provides a connection to the enduring Republican myth that small towns are inherently more virtuous than large cities, and not hotbeds of unemployment, meth addiction and general staganation. Those who adored Bush Jr., will likely admire Palin's inability to think or speak conherently, and her crippling reliance on insults, talking points, cliches, and applause lines.

With Taitz, the conspiracy-oriented whackjobs who seem to control Republican websites have a voice. The base will eat up her televised claims that "brownshirts" control MSNBC. The only possible wrench in the works is that Orly T. isn't a natural born citzen, but because she's already proven so adapt at forging birth certificates, I think that obstacle can be overcome.

DU: PALIN-TAITZ 2012! It's here!

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