Monday, August 10, 2009

What Orthodox Judaism needs

Among other things, Orthodox Judaism definately needs more people with the courage to say, "I will not spend tens of thousands of dollars on a bar mitzvah or wedding."

What's wrong with cake and punch in the shul backyard? I ask that seriously. According to my grandfather the old American and European custom was for weddings to take place on Friday afternoon. The first Shabbos meal doubled as the wedding feast, and only the closest of the closest attended. Another old timer I know says he had exactly three sheva brochot and not one was at a restaurant or hotel. And don't get me started on super elaborate post-prayer refreshments ("Kiddush" is a misnomer for these bacchanals.) I've seen carving boards, sushi, ribs, fried chicken and super premium booze set out to feed people who, supposedly, are on their way home for lunch.

Why do we this? How can we make it stop?

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