Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shidduch Crisis Hits 3 Year Olds

A Guest Post By E. Fink

Reportedly, there is a raging Shidduch Crisis. One of the factors contributing to the mess is the unrealistic expectations of mothers when it comes to finding the perfect match for their precious yingle. Oftentimes, an overemphasis on "looks", dress size and hair color will stop potential matches from ever dating. This is taking its toll on the shidduch system.

But just how deep is the superficiality that is the root of this problem?

This story is 100% true. The names and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

A 3 year old was lucky enough to be in camp for the summer. Let's call him Dovie.

Dovie had a great counselor for the first half of the summer. Unfortunately for Dovie, said counselor left after the first half was over. Dovie's mommy wanted to make sure that Dovie got a good second half counselor so she spoke with the Camp Director.

During their conversation Dovie's mommy reiterated the importance of a "good counselor" for her precious Dovie. The camp director assured her that all the counselors were good. Dovie's mommy was not satisfied. The camp director asked Dovie's mommy to explain what she meant by a "good counselor". Dovie's mommy said "he needs a counselor that he likes". The camp director asked what kind of counselor Dovie's mommy thought Dovie likes. Dovie's mommy replied, "oh that's easy, she should be blond, petite and cute. That is the kind of counselor Dovie likes".

Post script: The camp director did not have a "blond, petite, cute counselor" to spare for Dovie, but his counselor was a nice-looking brunette. When Dovie's mom saw her, she said "She is great, I can already tell. I know he will like her too."

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