Thursday, August 20, 2009

The CIA Under Bush

A guest post by JS:

Here's a little snapshot of what the CIA was like under Bush.

It seems that the CIA hired private contractor Blackwater (yes, the same Blackwater responsible for killing Iraqi civilians) to hunt down and kill Al Qaeda operatives. At least that what we think. You see the whole program was kept hush hush and Congress wasn't even informed about it until current CIA director Panetta was finally told about it, shut it down, and, correctly, finally told Congress about what the hell has been going on behind their backs. Seems there were never even contracts for this project, just an "understanding."

In another telling portion of the story, everyone's wondering whether Cheney ordered the program - not surprisingly, no one is asking whether Bush even knew about it.

And, of course, the GOP is screaming partisanship.

All in all, I find it frightening if no other reason than the CIA feels it doesn't have the resources to handle this (or interrogations - another thing recently shut down) themselves.

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