Friday, August 07, 2009

Maran Stands Up Against the Askanim

A Guest Post By E. Fink

A news item on Yeshiva World jumped out at me yesterday.

Apparently, some "askanim" went to R' Steinman (Maran) with a Kol Koreh in hand asking for his signature. They informed R' Steinman that they wished to ban vacations and camp for Yeshiva students and charedi families "especially to places that are not 100% Charedi as vacations are very damaging".

Boy, did R' Steinman give it to them. Read the original article for all the quotes but the gist of it all, is that the askanim are morons. R' Steinman said that he endorses vacations and camps and for the students who go, even for a day or two, is only a benefit to their learning and personal growth.

For good measure, R' Steinman added "even this you want to take away from them?".

I have been begging for "Gedolim" in America and in Israel to start standing up to these "askanim". Finally, R' Steinman puts these askanim back in their place.

(What R' Steinman may not have said was that if these askanim were in the camp or vacation business they would be very happy to see an endorsement on vacations and camps.)

I can only hope that we will see more of this type of leadership.

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